Feedus Classic Reel
This is a montage of the best & most recent moments of my MoGraph work edited over a disco track that was captured off one of Dad's old dusty vinyl records.
Animation, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Smithsonian Magazine
Designed / Directed this piece for Smithsonian Magazine to celebrate & award the years leaders in American Ingenuity. This piece was tailored to play at the start of the Award show. The project also includes individual animated slates playing as each winner accepts and speaks on their achievement award.
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Experimental Vision
Rin the Belly Dancer came through and commissioned Feedus Classic to style out an exploratory dance video for her.  We harnessed the beautiful natural light and landscape panoramas using the small powerful DJI Osmo.
Editing, Film, Art Direction
Secret Sacred Journey
This project was a hell of an adventure as the team and I traveled filming in extreme conditions in Costa Rica. This video covers all the best beach time, mountain, river, jungle, ocean, volcano & paragliding fun that is to be had in the southern zone.
Branding, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Synergida Retreats
Social outreach campaign for this retreat castle hotel located in the southern zone of Costa Rica. The DJI OSMO comes up big again capturing great action footage resources for yet another Feedus Classic editing session integrated with simple graphics & typography.
Editing, Art Direction, Film
A branding / motion graphics production artist always learns about new products and innovations through their clients. Here we have The Varidesk, something especially helpful to all professionals who spend lots of time behind a computer. If you do not know then watch this piece designed illustrated & animated by Feedus Classic and you will know what you need to know!
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Beast Fitness NYC
A boutique fitness center located in Park Slope Brooklyn. This was a small start up. They went from the ground up and these were the early days. Now you can check them out in full effect and get a great live DJ workout deep in BK!
Branding, Creative Direction, Film, Editorial, Logo Design, & Stylist
9th Prince
I keep my connection to the urban street stuff and the corporate alive. Always support hip hop artists out when I can. Did this animation for the 9th Prince from the legendary Wu tang affiliated Killa Army.
Realm Dynamics
This shows what can be done from scratch using only Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. I provided concept, design, illustration and animation for this project with a very quick turn around while using economical tools. So much value here when you really look at it now!
Animation, Art Direction, Illustration
Riff Raff
This Riff Raff Music Video was one of the first ones that really propelled this crazy dude to the 15 minutes of fame that he earned . Thanks to Riff for coming out and giving it all he had on this tropical set video.
Art Direction, Animation, Motion Graphics
Villa Monte
I had to help my home town pizzaria out in the way that I could! Thanks to the kitchen staff over at VillaMonte for making this one a true Feedus Classic. I love hitting the streets and capturing real moments with real people and making it into something special like this!
Editing, Film, Art Direction
77 Kids
This is an old project that was done at an old studio that I used to work at. We used a cut out stop motion feel that was hot at the time. This type of stuff is the real motion graphics to me. Taking minimum production budget and turning out a complete and effective final product.
Animation, Motion Graphics
Shop Secret
I am still very proud of this animated title sequence that was done for this short film that played at the Canes Film Festival in Colorado some years back. Using classical animation techniques kept it simple and allowed for the design style to take center stage.
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Animation
Comedy Central
This is pretty much where it all started for me, back at Comedy Central during the Chappelle Show era and the famously gritty rebrand that "Interspectacular" had put together for the station. It was a great time to work for Viacom. Lots of expansion and creative freedom especially under the broadcast design director Kendrick Reed.
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
Emrok vs Linea
This short film type spot was Inspired by early 1990's video game story intermissions. We went out and took photos and then illustrated over the top of them. The animation was all done in after effects 2D 3D. It looks like there is 3D at play here but it is all textured and built out in After Effects.
Direction, Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
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